Since joining Facebook a few years ago, my primary interest has been networking with artists toward building community and learning what I can of the behind the scenes culture of the NY art world—as well as other major art centers throughout the world.

Having lived in several major cities then finding myself back in a small Oklahoma town caring for aging parents has been difficult and isolative. I was invited into Facebook by the artist, Robert Delford Brown, who became a personal friend after I met him through a search in 2006 of American performance artists. He was a wonderful and brilliant artist and man.

I am looking forward to dialoging with artists and thinkers with the intention of offering them opportunities to share their thoughts on their work and relevant subjects while also hopefully learning about their lives and the culture of their respective art communities. In spite of rising art centers throughout the world, New York remains the axis mundi.

In the past year I have maxed out the “5000 person Facebook limit” and the vast majority of my “facebook friends” are working professional artists.

Jeff Hogue

Lori Ellison

Elisabeth Condon

Strong Men II
oil on canvas.
15" x 18"

When I was 8 years old I had a dream I was in a garden. I climbed this wall and realized that if I jumped over I would no longer have the protection of the garden and would be in the wilds. I jumped. It seems a life's choice. With painting it is an act of faith just to pick up the brush. Art is the wish, the prayer and the offering all in one.

Farrell Brickhouse (excerpt from an artist statement)